The Wheel

The Wheel is a six piece rock-n-roll band covering mostly music of the Grateful Dead. Adding their take on the music that has touched so many lives. 

Founded in 2010 by Andy Morse looking to play to his roots of years chasing the Grateful Dead and current incarnations around he formed The Wheel. The Wheel is ever rolling, covering new terrain in an out of the spaces before it as we spin 24 hrs a day.

Andy Morse: (Guitar and lead vocals) Known to many a family as Andy "The Music Man" ( has been a full time musician since 1995 when he hung up his time card and picked up his guitar. Andy studied under Mathew Smith.

 Bryan Gautie: (Lead guitar and vocals) Bryan joined The Wheel in the summer of 2015 adding his 70's style of Jerry leads driving the band down the road. Bryan has played in Ice Nine, Yukon Cornelius and Slipknot.

Jill Gautie (vocals) Hmmm her last name is the same as Bryan's! Jill has performed in many bands over the years and is able to reach  deep down to your soul with her vocals.

Dave Pallas: (5 string bass) The Dr. is in session! Supporting the back bone of the beat while adventuring into uncharted waters. No life raft needed. Andy and Dave have been jamming together on a consistent basis since 1985, life long musical friends.

Joe Sorbero (drums) Joe was born with drums sticks in his hand. Our newest member with a passion for holding down the rhythm like no other.

Rick Rothemel (keyboard and vocals) Rick is an animal at the keys, a foundation in the Capital Region music scene, Brent would be proud of the color he adds to the music.

Gordon Wilson (drumz) Our original Wheel drummer who spins the Wheel the farthest from North Adams joins us when we have the room to set up the beast.